Easily remove lug nuts from vehicles with Extended Lug Wrench

Easily remove lug nuts from vehicles with Extended Lug Wrench

One of our favorite tools is the extended lug wrench. Having an extended lug wrench gives you the leverage you need to quickly and easily remove lug nuts from vehicles. An extended lug wrench with multiple sized sockets will remove the lug nut of just about any vehicle. Overall, a quality made extended lug wrench gives you that extra leverage so you don’t have to strain or expend all your energy on changing a tire. Don’t forget to ask customers for their wheel lock keys if they have locks on their wheels.

Product Description

4-Way detachable lug wrench comes with four popular sizes and a 1/2-inch drive head, so you can tackle nearly any lug with one simple tool. 

You can assemble a T-type wrench to increase the leverage, which makes you more effortless when changing tires. And cross wrench allows you to change tires quickly. (X-type)

When you need to change tires on the road, you can easily load and unload your tires with our wrench set and quickly return to the fun of driving.

To make things even easier – everything fits into a small, compact carrying bag which can be stored along with your spare tire! Lug tire nut wrench for cars, light trucks, suvs, rvs and vans.

Material: Chrome-vanadium 

Sockets Size: 17mm(11/16″), 19mm(3/4″), 21mm(13/16″), 23mm

Package Dimensions: 16 x 2.8 x 2.8 inch

Weight: 3.3lb


1 x Wrench 

1 x Wrench Handle

1 x Extended Handle

1 x Storage Bag

2 x Two-way Sockets(1 X 17mm/19mm, 1 X 21mm/23mm)

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23″ Universal Extended Lug Wrench, XERGUR 4 Way Tire Iron Nut Wrench Set with Storage Bag and Standard Sockets (17mm/19mm,21mm/23mm) for Heavy Duty Cross Wrench, Wheel Wrench

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